Computer Generated Holograms

The Holo-ORX software application package is a powerful spatial light modulator driver software. Holo-ORX smartly integrates pattern generation and phase encoding processes allowing you to focus on your light sculpting and optical manipulation experiments.

Various phases (helico-conical, vortex, axicon, quadratic lens) and grating patterns (binary, blazed) are included with future support for other pattern generating algorithms. Holo-ORX can also utilize your workstation's video graphics card for high performance computation.

Light driven self-assesmbling µ-structures

Holo-ORX has an extensive arsenal of phase encoding modalities that are extrememly useful in light sculpting applications including excitation of laser/fiber modes.

Phase encryption

Holo-ORX gives you the ultimate flexibility of optimizing built-in phase encoding algorithms including fine-tuning of source illumination models in phase retrieval computations.

Holo-ORX is compatible with SLMs from leading manufacturers. SLM device properties are automatically detected and can be adjusted.