Light Robotics uniquely combines smart control ideas from robotics, drone technology and contemporary nano-biophotonics, opening new avenues in non-destructive cell classification, diagnostics and targeted drug delivery.

Light Robotics microtools

Real-time experimental demonstration of Light Robotics. Shown here are simultaneous top- and side-view recordings of light robotics optomechanically probing a microscale object. The optical forces are currently in the tens of pico-newtons range but might be scaled up to the nano-newton regime.

Light Robotics with an integrated waveguide

Light robotics with an integrated optical waveguide. Optical trapping and micromanipulation of 3D printed µ-tools coined Wave-guided Optical Waveguides (WOWs) enable the dynamic routing and targeted delivery of sub-diffraction light energy.

FDTD simulations of the light propagation in a WOW showing the redirection and confinement of light from far-field optics to a localized sub-diffraction limited target.

Light Robotics with an integrated µ-syringe

Applying real-time reconfigurable holograms from a spatial light modulator to address a plurality of WOWs simultaneously.

Experimental demonstration of optimally coupling focused light along an optical axis to a real-time controlled WOW.