Data Analysis

We are experts at analyzing and processing data, having generated a large volume of these ourselves in our own research. We are experts in a wide variety of high-performance algorithms and numerical methods using various programming languages such as C/C++, C#, R, Python, and Matlab.

GPU Computing

At OptoRobotix we take computational performance seriously. We work diligently to extract every last ounce of performance improvements whenever we can. Our software codes are optimized and can thake advantage of the parallel computing capabilities available in today's multi-core processors and graphics processing units (GPU).

Machine Learning

The same hardware advances in GPU Computing have also enabled advancement in machine learning. In many tasks such as image classification, performance that areon par with the level of a human expert has now been achieved. At OptoRobotix, we strive to produce smarter hardware and software through the application of various machine learning techniques.

Product Design

Scientists at OptoRobotix have been developing custom optical components for many years, from light shapers, microscopes with multiple-imaging modalities, optical tweezers. Through the years, we have honed our skills at producing compact, efficient, and high performance hardware devices.

Hardware Interfacing

Our extensive experience working with diverse optical components have driven us to create powerful and intuitive software to control them. We have developed interfaces for driving high-resolution cameras, stepper-motors and, spatial light modulators, dynamic micromirror devices, and spectrometers.

Modeling / Simulation

Testing new hardware or computational models involving lots of parameters is resource-intensive. Simulations provide a powerful and inexpensive way to immediately gauge the feasibility of your designs. Our expertise in these techniques are rooted in several decades of deep research in photonics. We are constantly developing small to large scale simulations to test new ideas and technologies.